What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is when a company outsources its manufacturing operations to another company. In this way, the manufacturing company manages all processes such as the design, manufacture, storage and shipping of products. This process is preferred by companies that want to get rid of the machinery, equipment and specialist personnel required for production.

Having contract manufacturing provides great advantages, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. In this way, businesses do not have to build their own production facilities or expand their existing facilities. Instead, they outsource production operations to another company, saving time, money and labor.

Daglar Kozmetik, which is among the cosmetics manufacturers in Turkey, focuses on providing the highest quality service among cosmetics production companies. By making special production for customer demands, it stands out compared to its competitors in the sector. Its success in contract manufacturing makes it a preferred company in the cosmetics industry.

Dağlar Kozmetik’s production facilities are equipped with the latest technology and offer flexible production opportunities according to customer requests. The company, which is among the contract cosmetics manufacturers, is in a leading position in terms of customer satisfaction and quality service.

As a result, Dağlar Kozmetik, one of the leading manufacturers of the cosmetics industry in Turkey, stands out with its expertise in contract cosmetics production, the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction and the principles of providing quality service. The company, which is also a pioneer in contract organic cosmetics production compared to its competitors in the sector, aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by making special production according to customer demands.

Hemen Ara