Quality Policy

As Dağlar Kozmetik, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction by producing high quality contract products. We adopt the principle of continuous improvement and excellence to ensure customer satisfaction and trust. In line with this purpose, our company’s quality policy is based on the following principles:

Customer Focus: Our priority is to understand the needs and expectations of our customers, to meet them in the best possible way and to ensure their continuous satisfaction.

High Quality Standards: We aim to comply with high quality standards at all stages, starting from the production process. We never compromise on quality controls to ensure our products are of the highest level in terms of reliability, effectiveness and user safety.

Continuous Improvement: We want to optimize our business processes by carrying out continuous improvement activities throughout the company. We are committed to equipping our employees with up-to-date information through continuous training and to seek innovative solutions.

Cooperation and Teamwork: We encourage the participation of all employees to achieve quality. We aim to achieve common goals by supporting effective communication, cooperation and teamwork within the team.

Legal Compliance: We carry out all our activities in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and standards. We always fully comply with laws and regulations regarding the safety, quality and compliance of our products with ethical values.

Natural Resources and Environment: We take care to use natural resources in a sustainable way. We aim to manage our production process in an environmentally friendly manner and actively participate in waste reduction and recycling activities.

This quality policy will be published in a way that all our employees can understand and adopt, and will be available to our current and potential customers.

Our Certificates

Our company has ISO: 14001 Environmental Management Certificate, ISO 22716 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificate, GMP Certificate, Free Sales Certificates. We care about world-class quality raw materials and safe production.

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Hemen Ara