Production Facility

Our Dağlar Kozmetik AŞ factory is established on 14000 square metres with more than 30 years of experience and is the most diverse contract manufacturing company in Turkey and manufactures products for 12 different sectors in Turkey.

Pet products, tattoo products, baby products, essential oils, organic products, personal care products, cleaning and hygiene products, oral and dental health products, hair care products, skin care products, hand and foot care products, vehicle care products, textile products continues its production activities in many areas such as carpet cleaning products, pastes, colognes, perfumes, dermocosmetic products, male care products, herbal products, deodorants, soaps, pharmacy group products, sexual products, hospital care products, sun care products, make-up products. We continue to grow at world standards with 4000 types product and 1000 different companies.

•Perfume production capacity 3,000,000 pcs / year
•Home fragranceproductioncapacity 2,000,000 pcs / year
•Skin Careproductsproductioncapacity 3,000,000 pcs / year
•Skin Careproductsproductioncapacity in bulk 5000 tons / year
•Hair Care productsproductioncapacity 900.000 pcs / year
•Bath & Body Careproductsproduction 1.000.000 pcs / year
•Other productsproduction 900.000 pcs / year


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